DOSATRON D3GL2BPVF Green Line, markedets nyeste doseringspumpe til vanding, drypvanding, overrisling og udskylning.

  • Dosering: 0.2-2%
  • Tryk: 0.2-6 bar
  • Vandflow: 10 l/t – 3 m³/t
  • Integreret By-Pass funktion
  • VF/viton pakninger

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DOSATRON D3GL2BPVF -Doseringpumpe til nøjagtig dosering uden elektricitet. En doseringspumpe fra DOSATRON som tilhører GreenLine serien med pumpehus i grøn plast som er extra UV-bestandig og specielt udviklet til anvendelse indenfor vandingsteknik.

DOSATRON D3GL2 har standard VF pakninger og integreret by-pass ventil.

Valg af DOSATRON modeltype afhænger af vandflow, dosering og produkt. Venligst kontakt vores kundeservice for yderligere spørgsmål.

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Fertilizer Injector – The tool to feed plants

Dosatron Green Line range offers a comprehensive fertilizer injector portfolio allowing you to address all fertigation needs in fruit and vegetable production, greenhouses, nurseries, field crops cultivation and landscaping.

Dosatron Green Line Irrigation Fertilizer Injector Pump Specifications


D3GL2 fertilizer injector 3/4


Dosatron fertilizer injector pump - D9GL2 model


Dosatron Fertilizer Injector

Dosatron fertilizer inejctor - D20GL range


Dosatron fertilizer injector pump - D30GL1 model


Dosatron fertilizer injector pump - D90GL05 model


Green Line Fertilizer Injector Pumps – Created by expert growers for expert growers

Farmers and growers all over the world will tell you that getting the right nutrients to your crops at the right time is essential to a great harvest. That is where Dosatron fertilizer injectors come in.

Dosatron injectors are precision metering pumps that allow you to accurately supply your crops with the right amount of fertilizer, at the right time. They are perfect for irrigated farms and greenhouses. They and can be used with any type of liquid or soluble fertilizer.

In this page, we will take a closer look at Dosatron irrigation injectors, and show you how they can help you produce a bountiful harvest, great ornamentals and abundant cut flowers.

Green Line, the Fertilizer Injector range of Choice for all Growers

It is the result of 45 years of research development and field experience in providing dosing systems for hydroponics, greenhouse and nursery growers.

As an inline fertilizer injection pump, it is metering liquid fertilizer as well as soluble fertilizer.
Unlike a venturi fertilizer injector, the Dosatron irrigation injection pump gives you perfect control on proportional dosing.

Best fit fertilizer injector for drip irrigation system, sprinkler system and drip tape.

Dosatron, an Innovative Technology for Better Performance

Water powered, the Dosatron inline fertilizer injector needs no external power. Water drives the injection pump, and water controls it.

The Dosatron metering pump has a unique, patented design and offers accurate and reliable dosing rates for outstanding long-term performance.

Different models of our fertigation dosing pump cover a wide dosing range for liquid fertilizer injection.

From as low as 0.03 % to 25% the grower chooses his fertilizer injector.


Dosatron Fertilizer Injector Operating principle

Fertilizer Injector Operating Principle

How does the Dosatron Dosing Pump Work?


Set up on the water network, the metering pump uses water pressure as the only driving force.

When working, it draws up the concentrated product, doses it to the desired percentage, and then mixes it with the driving water. The solution is then sent downstream to your plants.

The dose of fertilizer injected is always proportional to the volume of water flowing through the pump, regardless of variations in flow rate or system pressure. Once set, the concentration of fertilizer in the water changes no more.

The dosage is easily adjusted on the dosing scale.

The amount of product injected is always proportional to the amount of water entering the dosing pump.


How to Install a Dosatron Fertilizer Injector Pump?

The dosing pump can be connected to the main water line directly or on a by-pass (recommended to always ensure water supply).

To prolong the working life of the injector it is advisable to install a filter upstream (ex.: 300 mesh – 60 microns depending on your water quality).

This is imperative if the water contains impurities or abrasive particles.

An upstream filter is recommended and required for the warranty to be valid.

Setting up the Dosatron fertigation pump on a bypass enables fresh water to be supplied without operating the injector.


Dosatron fertilizer injector installation tip
Fertilizer Injector installation type

Why Choose a Dosatron Fertilizer Injector?


Dosatron has you covered. Take control of your fertigation.

You need to feed your crop in a simple and reliable manner.
You want to boost your harvest and avoid possible waste of precious nutrients.

Dosatron injector with a dosing range of 0.2 to 2% (1:500 to 1:50) is the answer to most fertigation tasks.

Fruit and vegetable production, berries, ornamentals or leafy green. Outdoor, greenhouse and hydroponics.
Dosatron fertilizer injector fits all.
Either single for multi-nutrient fertilizer, or as many as you need to manage multiple stock solutions for your individual fertigation strategy.

Tiny dose rate for pH-correction or trace nutrients, large dosing for organic fertilizer or compost teas. Check out different models.


What Do Growers Say About Our Fertilizer Injector?

“D30GL1 is the best fertilizer injector I have ever used. It is moisture and heat proof, so it works fine in all weather. [..] It is easy to use, and it is simple to adjust. Fertilizer is delivered to the plant based on the crop’s needs.”

“After trying other fertilizer injector pumps from various companies, I decided to choose D3GL2, because they have a pump that is easy to use. The pump works well with all fertilizer types.”

“I wanted to get a fertilizer injector for my greenhouse but needed to make sure it would be capable of delivering the right amount of fertilizer at the right time. I chose the D9GL2 over an existing option because I liked that it was designed for outside use.”

“We use Dosatron fertilizer injectors since my father got his first Dosatron DI16 more than 30 years back. If you keep particles away, they are basically indestructible. The new models D3GL2 and D9GL2 are even better. We are great fans of Dosatron and have used them ever since for our production.”

“Our multi-acre blueberry farm is equipped with several MegaFlow D90GL units. Out in the fields we have no electricity available. The water powered Dosatron fertilizer injector was the ideal answer to our need for precision fertigation. They work like a charm.”

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